Jack Of All Trades, Now Master Of All As Well

Having supplied builder’s merchants across the country for more than 40 years, we’ve noticed phenomenal change in the products sold as well as an ever evolving pattern of industry trends.

One of the current trends seems to be for products to provide improved functionality and application. Not only is the industry demanding more multifunctional tools, with interchangeable accessories, but multifunctional fasteners and fixings to offer end users an ‘all-round’ product that can handle and deliver a number of jobs at a consistently high level of performance.

Not only are tools becoming more multifunctional, allowing them to be adapted to perform a variety of different tasks, but products are also becoming easier, stronger and safer to use. These are positive developments that help improve the time and quality of works undertaken.

One such example is TIMco C2 screw, a new revolutionary multi-purpose screw launched earlier this year. The screw has patented twin cut technology that applies cuts to the screw in the same position every time and has led to a 43% quicker screw time. The screw offers a consistent performance, satisfying the builder’s desire for efficient working, but importantly it can also be used in multiple materials including a range of woods as well as sheet metal and plastics.

In areas such as material cutting, there would traditionally be a range of accessories/blades that would help make the product versatile in order to perform a number of functions. Today there’s a trend for multi material blades that use hybrid technologies that allow the blade to cut through a range of materials from granite to roof tiles with no loss of performance.

When it comes to fixings TIMco has gone as far as developing a whole ‘Multi-Fix range’, which includes products such as multi fix screws, bolts and resins all designed to provide a single solution to several jobs. This in turn can help merchants manage stock levels and allows builders to carry or source fewer products for day to day jobs.

What’s key however is that all of these multifunctional products would not be released onto the market without sufficient research, development and rigorous testing. Investing in quality controls and testing is crucial to not only develop new and innovative products, but to ensure they are resilient and deliver on their promises.

Through innovation, and an understanding of the market trends, let’s hope that TIMco is able to continue to meet market demands for another forty years. In order to do this, we’ll need to continue to listen to customers, respond to their demands and provide excellent products that are both Jack and Master of all trades.